International Conference and Expo on Food Technology Probiotics ICEFTP on June 15-16, 2020 in Montreal, Canada

International Conference and Expo on Food Technology Probiotics (ICEFTP) June 15, 2020 - Montreal, Canada

Outlook Conferences is pleased to welcome you all for "International Conference and Expo on Food Technology and Probiotics" which will be held in Montreal, Canada during June 15-16, 2020. Food-Technology-2020 offers good opportunities for the researchers and delegates to exchange new ideas, and to establish research and business links, as well as to build global partnership for potential collaboration. We honestly hope that the conference will help advance knowledge in relevant scientific and academic fields.

Theme: "Focusing Plant-Based Proteins for manufacturers of useful Food Technology and Probiotics"

Food Technology is the Combination of food science techniques, such as selection, preservation, processing, packaging, distribution, and use of safe, nutritious, and wholesome food. It is an integrated approach of applied physical sciences which combines, microbiology and Food Engineering.

We’re looking forward to an excellent meeting with great scientists from different countries around the world and sharing new and exciting results in Food-Technology-2020 which will be held In Montreal, Canada, from June 15-16, 2020.

Benefits of the conference:-

Networking Opportunities

One to One Pre schedule meeting

Learning New Technologies

Ignite new ideas in current trends

Keynote Speaker & Plenary Speaker Opportunity

International Certificated accredited by scientific committee

Workshop on current research & trending technologies

Training sessions by experts

Abstract publication

Pre Conference & Post Conference Panel Discussions

Business opportunities

Advertising & marketing Opportunities

Job Opportunities for students

Sponsorship opportunities

Exhibitor Opportunities

Advances in Food Technology

Food Security and Agrotechnology

Nutrition and Fitness

Current research in Nutrition

Energy intake and Expenditure

Food Business

Food Hygiene

Food intake and Gustation

Consumer Behaviour

Food Waste Management

Nutritional Quality of Foods

Probiotics in Animal health

Probiotics in paediatric nutrition

Economy and buisiness

Food Machinery

Food Packaging and labelling

Food Industry Background

Foodborne Diseases and Treatment

Food Flavours

Food Analysis

Kinetics of Food process

Animal Nutrition

Nutritional deficiency

Novel applications of Probiotics

Food additives and ingredients

Nutritional epidemiology

Food bioactives

Food Informatics

Biodiversity for Agriculture



Engineered Microbes

Sustainable Food Security

Gut microbiome

Diet-host interaction

Intestinal microbiome signaling

Regulations and Packaging



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