International Conference on Biomedical Instrumentation and Robotics ICBIR on November 11-12, 2019 in Rome, Italy

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International Conference on Biomedical Instrumentation and Robotics (ICBIR) November 11, 2019 - Rome, Italy
Biomedical instruments
Medical instrumentation
Measuring, recording and monitoring instruments
Biomedical signals
Medical instrumentation systems
Intelligent medical instrumentation systems
Implantable medical devices
Micro-electro-mechanical systems
Wireless connectivity in medical instruments
Regulation of medical devices
Bioelectric signals and electrodes
Performance characteristics of transducers
Recording system
Biomedical signal analysis and processing techniques
Biomedical recorders
Model questions
Patient monitoring systems
Arrhythmia and ambulatory monitoring instruments
Foetal monitoring instruments
Methods of monitoring foetal heart rate
Biomedical telemetry
Single channel telemetry systems
Multi-channel wireless telemetry systems
Multi-patient telemetry
Biotelemetry application on wimax networks
Telemedicine technology
Telemedicine system
Cyber medicine
Applications of telemedicine
Pulmonary function measurements
Clinical laboratory instruments
Medical diagnosis with chemical tests
Automated biochemical analysis systems
Blood cell counters
Types of blood cells
Audiometers and hearing aids
Patient safety
X-ray machines and digital radiography
Digital radiography
Model questions
X-ray computed tomography
Computed tomography
Nuclear medical imaging systems
Radio-isotopes in medical diagnosis
Physics of radioactivity
Radiation detectors
Magnetic resonance imaging system
Ultrasonic imaging systems
Thermal imaging systems
Therapeutic equipments

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