International Conference on Computer Graphics and Image Processing ICCGIP on March 15-16, 2021 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Computer Graphics and Image Processing (ICCGIP) March 15, 2021 - London, United Kingdom
Computer Graphics
Shading and Rendering
Geometric Modeling
Interactive Devices
GPU and Graphics Systems
Graphical User Interface
Human-Computer Interaction
Virtual Reality
Computer Games
Computer-Aided Design
Natural Phenomena Modeling

Computer Vision
3D and Stereo Vision
Boundary Detection
Motion Detection and Tracking
Reconstruction and Representation
Facial and Hand Gesture Recognition
Matching, Inference and Recognition
Vision Engineering
Texture and Color in Computer Vision
Projective Geometry and Computer Vision
Pattern Recognition in Computer Vision
Inspection and Robotics Applications

Visual Analytics
Visual Representations
Visual Analytical Reasoning
Data Representations
Data Transformation
Data Modeling
Scientific Visualization
Information Visualization
Visualization Algorithms
Software Visualization
Terrain Visualization
Flow Visualization

Image Processing
Image Generation
Image Acquisition
Image Registration
Image Manipulation
Image Segmentation
Image Restoration
Image Compression
Holographic Imaging
Color Corrections
Remote Sensing
Image Coding and Encryption
Image Indexing and Retrieval
Pattern Recognition
Classification and Clustering
Wavelet Methods
Character Recognition

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Address: UAE

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