International Conference on Food Innovations ICFI on April 23-24, 2020 in New York, United States

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International Conference on Food Innovations (ICFI) April 23, 2020 - New York, United States
Food innovations
Food processing technologies
Food biotechnology
Nutrition and material science
Process-structure-function relationships at macro-, micro- and nano scale
Tailor made foods
Process control, process-packaging interactions
Resource efficient processes
Sustainable processes
Kinetics and mechanisms of inactivation of micro-organisms
Enzymes, viruses, allergens and toxins
Nutrient retention, accessibility and availability
Structural changes, texture and rheology
Minimal processing

High hydrostatic pressure processing
Pulsed light or electric fields
Microwave and radio-frequency heating
Cold plasma
UV light
High pressure homogenization
Ohmic heating
Dense gases
Thermal, non-thermal and sub-zero processing

Name: World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
Address: UAE

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology is a federated organization dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference program.
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Presenter Sign Up Fee EUR 350.00 Before March 22, 2020
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