International Conference on Food Processing Technologies and Strategies ICFPTS on January 18-19, 2021 in Rome, Italy

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International Conference on Food Processing Technologies and Strategies (ICFPTS) January 18, 2021 - Rome, Italy
Food processing technologies
Innovative food science and emerging technologies
Basic principles
New trends in food processing
New food processing technologies
Advanced food processing technologies
Alternative food processing technologies
Food processing strategies
Benefits and drawbacks
Performance parameters for food processing
De-agglomerating batter mixes in food processing
Trends in modern food processing
Safe and stable foods
Properties of foods and processing theory
Process control
Automatic control
Sensors and controllers
Computer-based systems
Programmable logic controllers
Types of control systems
Software developments
Neural networks
Computer simulation for microwave heating
Computational fluid dynamics applied in high pressure processing
Modeling of pulsed electric field processing of foods
Multiphysics modeling of ohmic heating
Continuous chromatographic separation technology modeling and simulation
Ambient-temperature processing
Processing using electric fields, high hydrostatic pressure, light or ultrasound
Heat processing
Processing by the removal of heat
Post-processing operations
Nonthermal processing technologies for food
Thermal processing
New paradigms and perspectives
Engineering applications
Future directions
Technological perspectives
Future prospects and trends

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