International Conference on Future Smart Cities ICFSC on November 14-16, 2020 in Cairo, Egypt

International Conference on Future Smart Cities (ICFSC) November 14, 2020 - Cairo, Egypt

Furthermore, a huge number of researchers and stakeholders are interested to discuss how building smart cities foster sustainability and what are the challenges and concerns that should be considered while investing in the services and infrastructure supporting the city to be more livable.

The term ‘smart city’ is given to a city that integrates both information and communication technologies (ICT) in order to boost the quality and performance of urban services which include energy, transportation and utilities. Hence, reducing resource consumption, wastage, and overall costs in general. To sum it up, the main aim of a smart city is to enhance the quality of living for its citizens through smart technology. Proposals and researches, therefore, are requested to discuss the new proposals of future cities, as well as the transformation of our cities to be in the scope.

Decision-makers, citizens, researchers, universities, companies and planners are all invited to discuss this theme further and to maximize the benefits of the conference and get a successful proposal to the future smart city.

Selected papers from this conference will be published in a Book Series "Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation" (ASTI) by Springer or in The International Journal of Proceedings of Science and Technology (Resourceedings) online by IEREK Press.

  • 1. Importance of Building Sustainable Smart Cities

    1.1: Understanding the Significance of Building Sustainable Smart Cities
    1.2: Creating Spaces for Technological, Social, and Business Development

    1.3: Through the Development of Smart Cities  
    1.4: Security Enhancements from Building Smart Cities
    1.5: Environmental Benefits of Implementing Smart City Solutions
    1.6: The Well-being Benefits of Green Buildings in Smart Cities

  • 2. Computational Advancements in Future Smart Cities

    2.1: Big Analysis Data Impact on Smart Cities
    2.2: Role of Technology in Sustainable Development
    2.3: The Future of Cloud Computing
    2.4: Tendencies of Technologies and Platforms in Smart Cities
    2.5: Smart Home Management System

  • 3. Energy Efficiency in Smart Cities

    3.1: Renewable Energy and its Efficiency in Smart Cities
    3.2: Energy Efficiency and how it affects the Future of Urban Housing
    3.3: The Role of Smart Grids in Developing Sustainable Building Design
    3.4: Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in Smart Cities
    3.5: Developing Energy Efficiency Optimization Methods

  • 4. Key Components for Developing Smart Cities

    4.1: Concept of Interoperability as a Key to the Emerging Smart City
    4.2: Water-Efficient Infrastructure and Energy Conservation in Smart Cities
    4.3: Trends of Smart Transportation: Smart Parking and Traffic Management
    4.4: Technologies to Improve Emergency Management
    4.5: Development of Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Development

  • 5. Challenges in Implementing Smart Cities

    5.1: Building the Infrastructure of a Smart City
    5.2: Revolutionizing Communications for Accurate Service Delivery in Smart Cities
    5.3: Data Security in Smart Cities: Challenges and Solutions
    5.4: Smart City Infrastructure Development Monitoring
    5.5: Smart Healthcare, & Emergency management.

Address: Cairo and Alexandria

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