International Conference on Hydrocarbon Fuel Chemistry and Research ICHFCR on December 04-05, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

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International Conference on Hydrocarbon Fuel Chemistry and Research (ICHFCR) December 04, 2019 - Tokyo, Japan
Hydrocarbon fuels and fuel chemistry
Hydrocarbon fuel chemistry and technology
Hydrocarbon fuel chemistry research
Hydrocarbon fuel processing technology
Chemistry and technology of hydrocarbon fuels and oils
Biomass pyrolysis process
Mechanism and kinetics of biomass pyrolysis
Practical pyrolysis reactor design
Industrial and pilot application of biomass fast pyrolysis for bio-oil production
Physical and chemical properties of bio-oil
Storage, upgrading and use of bio-oil
The nature, processing and utilization of coal, petroleum, oil, shale, natural gas and biomass
Chemistry of synthesis of new or alternative energy sources
Pollution control and environmental protection during fuel conversion and utilization processing
Composition and structure of solid fuels
Genesis of solid fuels
Coal combustion
Coal organic matter analysis
Pyrolysis of low-rank coal, oil shale and peat
Coal liquefaction
Coal gasification
High temperature pyrolysis
Fossil fuel chemistry
Hydrocarbon and oxygenate production from synthesis gas
Synthetic fuel production from coal via synthesis gas
GTL process
Carbon adsorbents and their physical-chemical properties
Utilization of mineral components of fuels
Chemical engineering of low-rank coal and peat
Chemical reprocessing of tars and flue gases
Biologically active substances in fossil coal
Graphite and electrode production
Use of graphite in nuclear power plants
Recycling of carbon-containing waste
Ecological analysis of trace elements in coal
Environmental aspects of mining and coal processing

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Address: UAE

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