International Conference on Natural Polymers for Biomedical Applications ICNPBA on December 04-05, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

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International Conference on Natural Polymers for Biomedical Applications (ICNPBA) December 04, 2019 - Tokyo, Japan
Natural-based polymers for biomedical applications
Sources, properties, modification and processing of natural-based polymers
Polysaccharides as carriers of bioactive agents for medical applications
Purification of naturally occurring biomaterials
Processing of starch-based blends for biomedical applications
Controlling the degradation of natural polymers for biomedical applications
Smart systems based on polysaccharides

Surface modification and biomimetic coatings
Surface modification for natural-based biomedical polymers
New biomineralization strategies for the use of natural-based polymeric materials in bone-tissue engineering
Natural-based multilayer films for biomedical applications
Peptide modification of polysaccharide scaffolds for targeted cell signaling

Biodegradable scaffolds for tissue regeneration
Scaffolds based on hyaluronan derivatives in biomedical applications
Electrospun elastin and collagen nanofibers and their application as biomaterials
Starch-polycaprolactone based scaffolds in bone and cartilage tissue engineering approaches
Chitosan-based scaffolds in orthopedic applications
Elastin-like systems for tissue engineering
Collagen-based scaffolds
Polyhydroxyalkanoate and its potential for biomedical applications
Electrospinning of natural proteins for tissue engineering scaffolding

Naturally-derived hydrogels
Hydrogels from polysaccharide-based materials
Alginate hydrogels as matrices for tissue engineering
Fibrin matrices in tissue engineering
Natural-based polymers for encapsulation of living cells
Hydrogels for spinal cord injury regeneration

Systems for the sustained release of molecules
Particles for controlled drug delivery
Thiolated chitosans in non-invasive drug delivery
Chitosan-polysaccharide blended nanoparticles for controlled drug delivery

Biocompatibility of natural-based polymers
In vivo tissue responses to natural-origin biomaterials
Immunological issues in tissue engineering
Biocompatibility of hyaluronic acid
Biocompatibility of starch-based polymers
Vascularization strategies in tissue engineering

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