International Conference on Plastics in Building Construction ICPBC on October 23-24, 2019 in London, United Kingdom

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International Conference on Plastics in Building Construction (ICPBC) October 23, 2019 - London, United Kingdom
Plastics in Building Structures
The Properties of Plastics in Relation to Building Structures
Fire Regulations and Plastics
Plastics in Buildings and Fire Insurance
Flammability of Plastics Materials
Epoxy Adhesives for Bonding Concrete
The Fire-Resistance of Resin-Jointed Concrete
Polymer Cements
Plastics in Glued Timber Structural Joints
Weathering of Plastics
Plastic Materials for Sound Insulation in Houses, Flats and offices
Design of Lightweight Partitions with High Sound Insulation
Post-Tensioned Polyester Roofs
Recent Developments in Plastics Stressed-Skin Pyramidal Roof Systems
Prefabricated Shell Structure of Glass-Reinforced Plastics
Long-Span Load-Bearing Reinforced-Plastics
Optimum Design of Sandwich Struts and Beams
Plastics Sandwich Panels with Various Foamed Core Materials
Structural Behavior of Sandwich Panels with Foamed-Plastics Cores
Structural Potentials of Paper-Skin Polyurethane Foam Board
Structural Building Panels with Expanded Polystyrene Cores
The Physical Properties of Rigid Urethane Foam Sandwich Panels
The Design and Structural Applications of Urethanecored Sandwich Panels
Application of Minimum Structure to Cellular Plastics
Evaluation of the Long-Term Strength of Structural Synthetic Materials

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Address: UAE

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