International Conference on Smart City and Intelligent Transportation Engineering ICSCITE on December 04-05, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

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International Conference on Smart City and Intelligent Transportation Engineering (ICSCITE) December 04, 2019 - Tokyo, Japan
Intelligent Transportation System and Technology
Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Pedestrians and Cyclists
ITS User services
Transportation Networks
Driver and Traveler Support Systems
Sensing and Intervening, Detectors and Actuators
Data Management Systems
Cooperative Techniques and Systems
Electric Vehicle Transportation Systems
Electronic Payment Systems
Intelligent Techniques in ITS
Traffic Theory for ITS
ITS Field Tests and Implementation
Modeling, Control and Simulation of ITS
Hardware and Software of ITS
ITS Field Tests and Implementation
Transportation Intelligentization and Intelligent Logistic
Intelligent Rail Transit System
Navigation Systems and Autonomous Vehicles and Automated Driving
Vision and Image Processing and Vehicle Environment Perception
Pattern Recognition for Vehicles and Cognitive and Context-aware Intelligence
Operative Driving
Intelligent Vehicles
Cognitive Radio
Connected Services
Remote Diagnosis
Standards and Architecture
Vehicle Telematics
Vehicular Cloud Computing
Mobility and the Internet of Vehicles

Transportation Management
Artificial Transportation Systems
Advanced Public Transportation Management
Ports, Waterways, Inland navigation, and Vessel Traffic Management
Emergency Management
Air, Road, and Rail Traffic Management
Emissions, Noise, Environment
Commercial Vehicle Operations
Intelligent Public Transportation Management Technology
Security and Safety Systems and Exceptional Events Management System

Smart City
Smart City Basic Theory and Infrastructure
Modeling, Control, Simulation of Big Data
Intelligent communication network system
RFID technology and Smart card
Automatic identification and bar code technology
Software and system integration
Cloud computing
Smart Environment Monitor System
Intelligent Energy Supply and User System
Wisdom campus and community
Wisdom medical
Wisdom education
Wisdom Government and Public Safety Management
Smart Finance and Economics
Other Related Technology

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Address: UAE

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